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The newest release of Promethean Software will be available in March. This software blends the best of the Windows and Mac Versions of the software creating an more user friendly module to access tools, resources library and the Promethean Planet. The look and feel of this latest version is smooth and dynamic. I think teachers who have been using the Active Studio software will be able to transition easily to this new sleek platform. I am sure it will win over a few of the Smart board users in the building as well. The Promethean Planet has a wealth of resources available to a classroom teacher and I am sure no matter which type of Interactive White Board you are currently using YOU WILL FIND some great resources to include in your classroom!  I have been doing some advanced Promethean training and I am excited and hopeful that this new version will reduce some of the number of steps to completing some of the advanced processes. I know the placement of the resource library and the redesigned access panel have already won me over. The seamless integration of the ActivExpressions and the ActiVotes will reap added benefits in many classrooms.  I look forward to sharing this tool in my classroom and with my staff!!  The Primary and Standard Workspace are available in the same software piece. This allows you to toggle back and forth between the two versions much like you can now with design mode and active mode through the use of the Activsoftware Dashboard

This is the new Activsoftware Dashboard


The Student Database


This tool allows you to Edit YOUR Student Database and brings the best of the ActivExpression software which used to be a separate program right into you Active Studio screen. Putting the power of interaction with your students at your fingertips!!

Seamless integration of these powerful classroom tools!

The Resource Browser


This is the Resource Browser Window and it seems easier to navigate!

You can visit the Promethean Planet to take a sneak peek at this upcoming version of the software!!

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Delicious is a social bookmarking tool.

You can register for you own account on the delicious website by clicking the Join Here button at the top right side of the page. As you create your account you will have options to upload YOUR FAVORITES from your current web browser.

Why USE Delicious? As you load your bookmarks you can have the delicious tool add subject tags to your websites. Then you can search your own bookmarks to find the items on a subject. I have so many bookmarks I needed more organization that just the file folder format.

  • You can search your own tags (subjects)
  • You can edit and add new tags to your current bookmarks
  • You can share your bookmarks with friends (or keep them private)
  • You can view other peoples bookmarks to get ideas of what other people think are great sites
  • You can add other people to your network and review their bookmarks regularly.

I network with other teachers and librarians to share bookmarks on all sorts of educational issues.!!
My links can be found at

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Wordle Tool

Wordle is a tool to creative mix words and rank them by priority.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. You can CREATE YOUR OWN!


You can create a list of words, Use the RSS feed from a website or the feed from your account

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Face Your Manga

This is another cool tool I have used to create an avatar. My PLN on Twitter shared this fun tool.

Face Your Manga is a flash based website. You can create the Avatar and save it to your computer and then use it as your online presence on Twitter, MSN, Blog site or anywhere you would post a photo of yourself!


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Ping widget tool

oh my Ping is interesting… thanks!

I used Ping a widget tool to post to wordpress and twitter from my iGoogle page.

You can post to multiple locations using this cool tool

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Mini-Mizer Lego Avatar Maker LOVE IT

Do you need an alter ego for your avatar? Try a LEGO Mini-Mizer. What fun to create a LEGO avatar of yourself or your superhero alter ego. You can create as many as you would like so try a different one for different moods too! This simple tool allows for creativity and a nice little distraction. There are simple directions for copying the screen and using the Paint tool to edit the mini-mizer to the size you need. Don’t forget to save it as a .jpeg file in your Pictures file so you can use it later!! This is just an enjoyable tool that makes creating an image icon easily. And of course it is free. Chris Doyle Presents this fun tool for anyone to use freely. Infolibrarian as Superhero Now why might you need an alter ego icon?? Well if you Twitter, blog or have a website you might enjoy Mini-Mizer!

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Gmail I LOVE IT.

Gmail I LOVE IT.
I love Gmail because it works well on the go. I can access this email from almost anywhere and it keeps all of my favorite contacts listed neatly on the side. It has a great spam filter and it lets you keep tons and tons of mail!! You can create labels and move emails out of your inbox into a filing system of your own… You never have to throw out another important email again! It has a nice chat feature that my sisters and I use when we are online at the same time… which happens more and more frequently these days. You can invite your friends to join you in chat when they are also using Gmail. It does have ads on the side and at the top but really I have forgotten they are there most of the time. They usually focus on the keywords you are typing in your subject bar or the text of your message so I guess Google thinks you may be interested in the contents of the links.  I also really like the way the replys to a threaded discussion are nested together and keep all the responses in a grouping. It took a bit to get used to looking through the grouping but now I wish my work email did the same… or my twitter.. oh my another post is coming about twitter… !!
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Weebly Tutorial I LOVE IT!

Weebly is a website creation tool that I have used to create my homepage Infolibrarian I have shared this page at the PSLA (PA School Librarians Association) Conference in May 2008. I organized several of my favorite Web Tools on this page with links to each and a brief description of each tool. I Love Weebly. This web site development tool is easy to use because it employs drag and drop widgets for the page creation. You can create columns, add you favorite badges, upload files. Well check out my site to see what weebly can do for you! Enjoy this cool tool!

Also recently another creative teacher, Frank Miracola, Posted this sweet tutorial on how to use Weebly.

I thought it would be nice to share it with my friends!! Be sure to check out Frank’s other cool tutorials too, I love his tutorials too!!

Created a short tutorial about Weebly. It is posted on my Free is Good website. Feel free to share the link.


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Flock is a web browser, a news aggregator, a media organizer, people organizer, and social bookmarker all rolled into one. Finally a web browser that does some of the web work for you. I have added Diigo as a plug in… Now if it would just download my podcast I would be done! If you are a social web user, you can’t live without this cool tool! They even have an Eco-Friendly version for those who like to go green!! I have used Flock on both a Mac and a PC and find it to be my browser of choice. I currently have IE, Safari, Firefox and a MSN version of web browsers on my desktop. Flock wins the browser race because it makes all the social networking tools like Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, Flickr, and RSS Feed a pleasure to use in the browser. When was the last time you said that about your browser??? Favoriting to Del.icious and Diigo and my Favorites all in one step is almost too much to believe!! If you use the tools above or others like Facebook and Digg you really should check out this tool. They have some great video tutorials on YouTube that will help you walk through the different browser features. YouTube: Search for Flock!
I almost forgot you can BLOG from flock too! I created this blog post in Flock and sent it directly to WordPress. The browser allows you to create blog post on the fly and gives you an opportunity to send them directly to your blog. You pick your blog account and where to send the post too. You can even have several different blogs and pick which blog to post it into!!
You too can become a Flock Star!

Be a Flockstar

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PDF Creator and doPDF are two tools I can not live without. I have a split computer life… part-time PC and part-time MAC. I kinda like it that way! But I often miss the ease of creating PDFs that is available to me in the Open Office Products. So I turn to PDF Creator or doPDF.  PDF Creator can turn any word processing doc, spreadsheet, presentation, website, well anything that you can send to print into a PDF. I have been more than happy with the resulting PDFs and have used them in my Moodle Courses and my Google Pages.  PDF Creator and doPDF present themselves as a virtual printer on your computer and you can use the print feature in any program to turn your documents into PDFs. I find it is helpful to post in PDF format because it cuts across user barriers and enables everyone to view my documents. I often post in two formats so that users have a choice. But never am I never more frustrated than when I can not retrieve the information from a website just because of the formatting. If you are in need of a PDF creator try out these great tools! I LOVE PDF TOOLS!!!

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